Have your narrow films developed and scanned in professional quality!

We handle both Super8 and 16mm in collaboration with Mutascan in Helsinki.

We ship orders every Thursday and deliver within 14 days from the following Monday.

(Please note that there is a longer delivery time for vintage films)

The digital files are sent as a MyAirBridge link in the desired format.

The physical film reels are returned to the store once a month.


Everything is handled professionally and we offer a wide range of scanning options:

# 1.5K Scan / 2.4K Scan / 4K Scan

# Flat Scan / Onelight Scan / Bestlight Scan

# Cropped Scan / Overscan / Super Overscan

# MP4 / ProRes Proxy / ProRes 422HQ / ProRes 4444


We also always stock a large selection of films that can be purchased in the store and in the webshop:

# Kodak Vision3 50D / Kodak Vison3 250D / Kodak Vision3 200T / Kodak Vision3 500T

# Kodak Ektachrome 100D / Kodak Tri-X


You can order development in the store or via our online solution.


Download our price list or contact the store to find out more.