Okholm Fotografisk Specialforretning was founded way back in 1917 when the inventor B. Okholm moved into the premises at Vesterbrogade 61.


At that time, they dealt with the sale of photographic devices, image creation, and various repairs, as they also had a photomechanical workshop in the store.


In the following years, the business areas were expanded, which meant that in the postwar period, among other things, 120 films were rewinded and flash produced for Leica cameras in the workshop, which was then located on the first floor.


The workshop has been sold off, the store has been modernised several times, and there have now been a handful of different owners – but there is still a photo shop on Vesterbrogade.


Today, we offer first and foremost a wide range of cameras and photo accessories, which can be purchased in the physical store or ordered in our webshop. You always get the same prices and the same service, whether you shop in the store or online.


In addition, we offer evocations of our customers' special moments, whether they are perpetuated by analogue or digital. We always strive to provide a good personal service, and an inspiring photographic environment. We look forward to welcoming you to the store.